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"If your actions inspire others to dream MORE, learn MORE, do MORE and become MORE, you are a leader "

John Quincy Adams

Welcome to MORE, the unified, digital platform to monitor the use of recycled polymers in the European plastics converting industry. MORE is helping the plastics industry to become more circular by collecting the volumes of recycled polymers that are used by plastics converting companies to create new products, and by stimulating a higher uptake of recycled polymers. MORE strives to reach an audit percentage of 100% by 2025 of the submitted volumes of recycled polymers done through our platform.

MORE is expected from the Plastics Industry

To create a more sustainable economy for plastics in the EU, the industry has to become more circular, for example by increasing the amount of recycled polymers used. The plastics converting industry in Europe composed of 50,000 SMEs decided to set up a common voluntary industrial approach.

Plastics converting companies play a crucial role in the transition towards a more circular economy for plastics and the industry wants to be more transparent regarding the efforts that are being undertaken.


Every KG of recycled polymers is going through a plastic converting facility and as such, converters are best positioned to monitor the progress on the performance and quantity of recycled polymers used in Europe.

A mountain to be climbed towards 2025

Making plastics MORE circular is a common objective of the entire polymer value chain. Currently, the industry is annually reusing ~5 million tonnes of recycled polymers, and great efforts are needed to reach the European Commission's target of 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers reused annually by 2025 and 2030.

EuPC, in collaboration with its member organisations, and in support of the European Commission's Plastics Strategy, developed a unified monitoring tool for the plastics converting industry. The aim is to register 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers reused in products annually by 2025 – 2030 (excl. internal production scrap). The MORE platform is open to all converting companies that use recycled polymers in their products. 

The future development of MORE from 2019-2022

The further development of MORE will continue with the implementation of additional modules as from 2020.

  • Module 1.0 - 2020

Creation of a dedicated pledging area to monitor the volumes of recycled polymers concerning specific pledges of the plastics industry. ​

  • Module 2.0 - 2021

Integration of supplementary criteria related to EU regulatory requirements, such as certification of origin and auditing of essential requirements. 

  • Module 3.0 - 2022

Inclusion of additional recycled polymer types and review of the corresponding markets and applications.

Help us to reach 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers registered through MORE
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MORE - MOnitoring Recyclates for Europe is an initiative of the European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC).

Avenue de Cortenbergh 71

1000 Brussels, Belgium

+32 2 732 41 24

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