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MORE is Getting Acceptance Throughout the European Union

The MORE platform continues to grow and it now covers 12 countries and has 13 National Coordinators. The MORE survey is now also available in Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia. Our National Coordinators are continuously organizing workshops and webinars for plastics converters and the number of registered companies is increasing at a steady pace.

On the 27th September 2019, Alexandre Dangis presented the MORE platform at the Plastics Summit in Portugal in view of the signature of the Plastic Pact. Mr. Dangis congratulated the Portuguese authorities for having signed the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) declaration in Brussels on 20th September and welcomed the set up of a Plastic Pact in Portugal together with the industry.

In addition, MORE is officially part of this Plastic Pact as the tool to monitor the progress of the plastic converters using recycled polymers in Portugal. Associação Portuguesa Da Indústria De Plásticos (APIP) has been appointed as the MORE national coordinator for Portugal.

Present at the signature of the pact were Amaro Reis, APIP President, João Ataíde, Secretary of State for the Environment, João Neves, Secretary of State for the Economy, Marta Lima Basto from DGAE and Mercês Ferreira from APA.


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