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New Dutch Label for Recyclate Use

In 2020 the Netherlands will award companies registered with MORE with label marking their sustainability efforts

The Netherlands Federation of the Plastic and Rubber Industries (NRK) in the Hague has announced a new label recognizing its members’ efforts to join in sustainability goals set by the EU. In 2019 the French Fédération de la plasturgie et des composites initiated the creation of a label to mark companies’ registration with the European-wide programme Monitoring Recyclates for Europe (MORE). This was met with enthusiasm by member companies and by other countries participating in MORE. As of 2020 the NRK will be awarding its own label to member companies.

The Dutch MORE label follows the example of the French label, creating unity in the branding of MORE throughout Europe. However, it bears the Dutch tricolour flag in the middle of the O, where the French label has integrated the French flag, making each label unique to the specific country. The plastics industry is active in applying circular business models and increasing sustainability, including using recycled plastic to make new products. Without a registration of the actual volumes used this remains invisible to both the public and policymakers. MORE is changing this by allowing manufacturers to enter their recycling efforts in a database.

Tangible sustainability efforts

The NRK is eager to give its member companies the chance to make their commitment to sustainability and recycling visible. The highly visible MORE label on a website or elsewhere will allow clients and consumers to make informed choices. Companies obtaining the label bolster industry-wide policy to commit to sustainability and the circular economy. NRK encourages member companies to register with MORE. It is a use-friendly, safe, anonymous data collection platform managed by the EuPC. It allows for insight into industry efforts to increase recyclate uptake. And obtains concrete numbers to present to policymakers.

NRK can provide manufacturers with information on and support for MORE including instruction, a brochure, presentations and a webinar. Information can be obtained through

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